What is ISOKURA?

INASATO Signboard
made in around 1900.

ISOKURA SAKE BREWERY was established in INADA, KASAMA city, IBARAKI JAPAN in 1868.

“Inada” produces beautiful spring water that comes from surrounding mountains through the bedrock.

And, the district of “Inada”, which means rice- field, and is also where we are located, has been known as one of the best rice-producing areas in Japan as its name indicates.

There are many granaries known as "KURA" in our yard, we came to be called "ISOKURA" in combination with the family name "ISO".

Blessed with such good rice and water, our ancestors began making sake in the “EDO age” period. Having succeeded in producing of our original sake, called "INASATO" named after the rice-producing village, we started the brewery business.

What is ISOKURA?